Monday, January 9, 2012

The Month of Motivation

The appeal to start a diet or fitness routine in January is that health and diet is absolutely everywhere so it's easy to get motivated.

Every gym is offering a deal, the first thing you see when you walk in Walmart are vitamins and exercise supplies and everyone is starting a diet. Even Giant Tiger was advertising work out wear this week.

The challenge becomes keeping that motivation. How do you stay strong when there are now half as many people in the gym and the vitamins in the seasonal section of Walmart are replaced with Valentines Day chocolate?

I'm not writing about this because I have the magic answer. Last year when I started my weight loss efforts my motivation came in waves and then finally crashed on the beach in May. I'm not sure yet what will be different this year. I'm hoping that developing a good routine will help. This year I've also started using lose it right away instead of taking a few months to figure out what works.

I'm also trying to become more informed about diet, exercise and also my food by reading and watching documentaries. I recently watched Food Inc. and Meet your food and both had a big impact on me. It's 3pm the next day and so far today I haven't eaten any meat. I don't know yet if that will be a lifestyle change, but it definitely made me think and I firmly believe that thinking might be a part of what is different this year.

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  1. Try watching forks over knives. We watched is last week! We are going to try veggie for the next month (I mostly eat veggie anyway)...Graham's hoping it will make him feel healthier and better!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!