Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank God Its Friday

TGIF - It has been quite a week. For a week were there were few expectations on me and little that I had to do, it has felt like this week has taken forever and my stress has been constantly on high.

I think that part of the reason for this is because there was little that I had to do this week and I thrive better with lots of structure. I'm just not great at creating it for myself when I don't have to. I am definitely looking forward to returning to our regularly structured week, regardless of how much I usually complain about our crazy Monday - Friday routine.

Both kids are home with me today and the goal for today is simple - not go crazy and try to get a few things done around the house. My goal for the weekend - complete part 2 of my healthy grocery stock up and clean out my fridge and cupboards. It is a lot easier to prepare healthy food when a) you can see what you have in the fridge b) the fridge looks nice and appealing c) the first thing that you see when you open the fridge is healthy food and not left over Kraft Dinner. The fridge above is not my fridge, but I can dream can't I.

Today's breakfast is definitely a miss - I made plain oatmeal and flavored it with cinnamon and brown sugar splenda. The splenda may be low in calories, but I am not a big fan of the flavor in food - coffee no issue. Next time I will budget and extra 60 calories and add some honey or agave nectar.

I have been asked over and over to post my meal ideas and recipes, the only problem is that I am not big on recipes. Last night I used one of my clean eating staples - home made chicken breast nuggets.

The recipe is simple:
Cut up chicken into bite size pieces
Dip in egg white
Coat in a mixture

The mixture is the fun part where you can add anything you like. Last night we used a combo of oats and ground flax seed, but any dry oat, nut seed, grain will work.

This Weeks Shopping List
- almond butter
- honey
- english cucumber for clean tzatziki (sweat diced cucumbers add to yogurt cheese, add lemon)
To make yogurt cheese strain plain low fat yogurt through cheese cloth overnight, the water will drain out, what is left is yogurt cheese
- sliced almonds
- fruit
- veggies


  1. I find the same thing! I can't do groceries or be inspired to cook, unless the fridge is cleaned out!

    Have you tried Stevia? I hate splenda in food and either use Stevia or baking it makes it taste so much better than using splenda as well!

    Good luck!!!

  2. I use fresh berries to sweeten oatmeal