Monday, May 30, 2011


I know that I have been absent. 
This is probably the longest that I have been away from the blog since it started. It really wasn't on purpose, life just took over.

I've had some reflection time during the last week even if I haven't had time to write it down and I've even written some blog posts in my head, but again they just didn't make to my computer screen.

This past week has been tough. Add that to the experiment over the long weekend and its been a rough 10 days.

I think there are a lot of factors at play including, but not limited to: Stress, time, hormones, boredom (of doing and eating the same stuff). Today and this past weekend I was just ridiculously busy. I'm really not one of those people who complains how busy I am, anyone who knows me knows that my regular life is busier than most people, so trust me when I say I'm busy, I'm really busy, talking worked 15 hours this weekend last minute and not 8-5 hours either.

Now is the time that I need to figure out where to go next.
I know that I am enjoying the weight that I have lost. The problem is getting the motivation to get to the next step. I can be easy to get lost in the compliments and the good feeling about a smaller size and new clothes and forget that I am still 80lbs overweight and I have a long weigh to go. I don't know if there is harm in taking a break before I keep going, but do worry that if I'm not continuously strict that I am going to slip and have more than the occasional treat or day without tracking.

The same time as easy as it is to count calories and as effective as I have gotten at burning 500 calories at the gym in a short period of time, this is really hard work both mentally and physically and I think my body or my brain or both has fighting back for the last little while with both cravings and frustrated feelings about how hard this can be and how strict I have to be.

I still am making 80% good choices especially breakfast and lunch which I have down pat. Dinner is not bad, but snacks can creep up on me pretty quickly and I need to reign in on them.

I do want to go back to tracking, but when I stopped working at 11pm and that was only because I wanted to write this and go to bed it does seem to get put on the bottom of the priority list.

I don't really know what to do. I'm not giving up, but I have always been honest in my writing and I'm not going to stop now just because its hard and I'm confused. 

The reality is that I'm not going to solve these problems tonight and I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a trip to the gym.


  1. Sometimes life does get too busy to stay on track, but don't forget where you came from! Do you really want to go back there? Even if you just work at maintaining for now, it'll be worth it. Don't throw in the towel!

  2. I agree with Nikki....maintain as a break but don't completely give up any of your lesson learned. You'll find focuss again.

  3. I just came off a week at maintenance after more than a year on the program (well between WW and LI)... I think it's sane to take a break, breather, and check your habits. Keep logging, keep exercising, but relax a bit and take some time to feed your body. I think a long term diet is much like a marathon race, it's not a race that's about running (per se) but more about how to nourish your body while you're running.

    Keep on trucking!

  4. Hey Dawn

    I know this can be a boring and frustrating process at time. Let put this into perspective.

    Eating the same foods all the time Boring right? Yes! So are all the clothing in the plus size section!

    Working out at the gym 5 days a week is frustrating? Yes! So is not being able to participate in an activity due to your weight.

    I know how hard this can be and we all fall off the wagon. You are strong and you can make this happen you just need to dig deep and find the strength and positive attitude to move forward.

    We know that tracking calories in vs calories out works for you. Now we just need to keep applying the system. Also we need to slowly work on the food choice we make within our allowed calories. You can reach your goal don't give up on yourself without a fight.

    just some tough love from your sis :)

  5. Hi Dawn. I know you have been working incredibly hard since January and I admire you for that. I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't give up. However, I have recently learned that the body can only take so much before it crashes. There needs to be some balance in there somewhere. Just be careful and take care of all of the parts of your life. Your weight is not the only thing that matters. Just something to think about:)

  6. Miss reading all your amazing posts!