Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is it a Habit yet?

Some time ago I wrote an entire blog post devoted to forming new habits. It is now May and I think that it is time to take a look at the habits that I wanted to form and see how I am doing.

Exercise: I think that I have this one covered. I am currently working out an average of 6 days a week. I was concerned when I got sick and missed the gym for 4 days that I was going to revert back to old habits, but I am happy to say that I went back as soon as I was healthy enough and haven't missed a day this week.

Water: I'm still working on this one and its a day to day challenge. I remember to drink water when I am exercising and I do well with the 10 calorie vitamin water, but they are expensive and I can't drink 4 of those a day. I am hoping that the warmer weather will encourage me to drink less coffee and more water.

Tracking: I've gone back and forth on this one for the last 4 months. I have now logged consistently for 3 weeks (with some give on my sick days) I have found a format that I like and I think this is well on its way to being an ongoing habit

Weighing/Measuring: Another habit that has had good weeks and bad weeks. Like tracking, I have figured out what works and I am proud to say that the scale, measuring cups and spoons all get used daily.

Constantly Weighing Myself: This was a habit I wanted to break rather than make. There are no more daily weigh ins (just too much stress). I have started to weigh myself again more than once a week, but its really because I've been having good success and I'm excited to see my progress ( I will continue to strive to find a happy medium)

Blogging: I think its safe to call this one a well ingrained habit. Since January 1 I have written 109 blog posts that have been viewed 15 347 times. This is an average of 6 blog posts a week.

So tonight I was at the gym and again could not resist a mid week weigh in.  On Monday I was down 3lbs from Thursday and tonight I was down another 1.4lbs for a total of 4.4lbs this week.

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