Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My body does a pretty good job of letting me know when I am at my limits. Today I was definitely there.

Operating on only about 3 hours sleep I had a full day at work, by the time I got home I was in my pajamas in about 2 minutes.

Dinner was the last thing I wanted to think about making so using McHappy day as an excuse I sent my husband and the kids off to get happy meals.

My husband returned with my requested happy meal and stated "I guess you are not going to the gym tonight" My response was no, I could barely keep my eyes open and it was 7:30pm.

After he left and I had eaten my cheeseburger and fries I started to feel guilty about not going  to the gym, but I also knew that I had very little energy to give.

I did get dressed and I went. I put in a strong 25 mintues of cardio and then had to call it a night for fear of falling asleep on the machine, possible on the bike, but not the stairmaster.

I'm happy with this decision because I kept up with my routine, burned 250 calories and came home when I knew that my body couldn't take it anymore.

Tonight what I am looking for is a good nights sleep.


  1. Lack of sleep definitely affects my energy levels and will-power when it comes to food choices! With your limited sleep, I think you did incredibly well!

    Hope you catch up on sleep tonight ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

  2. Good plan. Get some Zzzzzz's!

    Your body knows and it will treat you badly if you don't give into the sleep request.

    Tomorrow is another day
    Sweet Dreams