Monday, May 2, 2011

One on One Time

Normally I would be a big fan of any type of one on one attention, but I was a bit concerned tonight when I realized that I was the only person to show up for spin tonight which meant that it was only my sister and me.

I warned her ahead of time that I was still not 100% recovered from being sick, but that did not stop her from telling me to keep the weights I had used in my previous class. (yes despite being sick I made it to both spin and total body work out).

The big surprise - I think that I did better tonight than I have in previous classes. Since it was only Jacqui and me I felt more pressure (good pressure) to keep up with her. So every time she went up a hill, I went up a hill, when she sprinted, I sprinted. Our normal class - 40 minutes, tonight 45min and then abs.

While there are some moments during that 55minutes that I truly think she might be trying to kill me, the other 53 minutes were actually rather enjoyable time with my sister.

The night at the gym ended on a high note when I did a mid week weigh in and had very happy results, but since its only my unofficial weigh in I'm not going to share until Thursday.


  1. best of luck on your weight loss goals. Keep that motivation going!

  2. I enjoyed last night as well :)
    Keep up the good work.
    love your trainer/sister

  3. I love one on one unless it's something that makes me feel nervous! An exercise class would definitely be one of them! Good luck with everything :)