Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Told you this week was going to be tough

So it's Wednesday, I'm on call for the second time this week and I am really wishing it was Friday right now.

As I write this I am procrastinating cleaning which is something that I really need to do. I'm not quite sure how such small people (children) make such a big mess so quickly, but I do know that keeping up with them is a full time job all on its on and I have full time job on top of that.

The time is 5:35pm. My husband is not yet home from work, I am trying to get dinner thawed out while trying to decide if going to Zumba while on call is brave or stupid all the while thinking that I should be spending the evening putting the house back together.

What I am not going to do is allow this stress to cause me to eat. I feel so overwhelmed right now that when I was on the phone (work stuff) my 3 year old used this opportunity to bring me the package of cookies knowing (he's pretty smart) that he had a better chance of getting one while I was on the phone. The problem, I seriously can not remember if I ate one, I don't think I did, but I can't be sure and this only happened 15 minutes ago. I can easily see this snowballing if I don't take control right now.

So the chicken breasts on defrosting and I am going to make a salad and some veggies and I am crossing my fingers that my husband walks through the door before my cell phone goes off again because if he doesn't I may end up with an empty package of cookies and no idea how it happened or any recollection of eating them.

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