Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Tomorrow is my birthday and while I am excited to celebrate with friends and family I am also more nervous about this weekend than I have been about any celebrates to date.

Intellectually I know that this weekend is not going to present me withy any challenges that I have not already met head on, but I am worried not so much about the situations themselves, but my attitude this weekend.

The activites start tonight with a trip to the movies.
Tomorrow I am shopping with my mom and sister followed by dinner out.

I don't want to just throw my plans out the window because what would be the point of my hard work already this week, but I also don't want to spent the entire weekend and the activities stressing about my food choices and opportunities to get to the gym.

It's a good thing that I recently wrote about achieving balance because I am going to have to take some notes from myself for this weekend.

I do commit that whatever decisions I make this weekend I will work out at least once between Saturday and Sunday and I will log my food choices (even if I don't want to admit to them)

I will also look at the nutritional info the menu before going out to dinner so I can make an informed decision (we all remember the celery bread incident)

My biggest fear for the weekend is that I promised a friend that I would take and post an updated photo of myself for the blog.

I hate getting my picture taken so regardless of the success I have had I still dread this more than anything. It's a good thing we use a digital camera because I am a big fan of the delete button.


  1. It's scary but I'm really glad I have "before" pictures. I actually posted some pictures from my past on my pages (yoyo past) and they are pretty bad but I hope it shows people anyone can succeed!

    Have a GREAT birthday weekend and happy early birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!

    Enjoy your time with your family. Make smart choices (you know what they are) and if you don't, the world won't end and you can go for a good burn.

    Enjoy you day!