Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Change of Seasons

As the weather starts to change I have started to see some comments on Facebook about friends starting to try on Summer clothing.

This has always been a challening time of year for me. It causes anxiety as I try on clothes to see which summer wardrobe I would be wearing for the season and panic if nothing fit.

I am happy to report that due to my success so far in losing 14lbs I am not worried about having no clothes for this coming summer. I actually believe that I may be able to get rid of some of my larger items. I have learned that under no circumstances will I be keeping those (just in case clothes). I have no intentions of every having reason to wear them again.

The question remains do I buy new clothes or wait?

I think right now I will have enough clothes for the next couple of months. During that time I am really hoping to drop another size. As the nature of my blog has been full diclosure I am going to talk about my clothing size goals. This, like some other topics is very sensitive for me and it is a big move for me to be able to comfortably talk about it.

The largest size that I have ever worn regularly is size 20. There have been some items that due to their brand have been slightly larger or bought while I was pregnant, but generally speaking this was my heaviest size.

I am now comfortable in disposing most of the pants and clothing that I own in this size. I am comfortably wearing size 18 and most of these pants have some room in them. This is great news as size 18 is the smallest size that I have worn in the last 7 years.

It is my goal to be wearing at least a size 16 by the July 1st weekend. While this may not seem like an extremely challenging goal - 1 size in 2 months, it will mark my most successful weight loss effort in my adult life (or 12 years) In actuality I will be striving to lose as much weight as possible each week and I would love to hit this landmark sooner than July 1, but it is good to have a realistic goal and for me this is it.


  1. I'm a firm believer even if you aren't at your goal weight, you should pick up a few pieces here and there to brighten and revamp your wardrobe. There is no reason not to enjoy yourself in the present. That said, I always bought cheap clothes in between my journey! Charlotte Russe, Forever 21. Things that I would be ok with donating a year from now. Or, if I did splurge on something, it would be something a tailor could fix!

    Congratulations on your successes! Talking about sizes always made me nervous too so good for you for opening up about it!

  2. You can always eBay the in between clothing, too! It's always a bonus to fit in something smaller - you should celebrate every size! :D Congrats on the loss so far! I'm just starting out (2 wks into) losing 100 pounds. Feels daunting, but I'm breaking into small goals. And my rewards for each small goal? An outfit! :D