Friday, April 15, 2011


After 3 1/2 months of trying to lose weight I have decided to completely surrender my free will. Lets face it, after the first few weeks my weight loss has been painfully slow. Clearly I am not equipped at this time to do it completely on my own.

This blog has given me some accountability, but unless I post everything I eat, my food choices still remain a secret, a secret that has not been helping me.

Yesterday my sister a.k.a trainer, a.k.a the devil (just kidding) introduced me to She advised that she uses the site daily. It's actually pretty simple. You enter your weight and how much you want to lose per week and it tells you how many calories to eat. Then you enter every single morsel of food that you eat as well as all of your activity.

Now in theory this is very similar to Weight Watchers which I have not been doing all that successfully so why is this any different. #1. I gave my sister my password for the site so she can check up on me and the site emails her a daily report #2. I need to be accountable this week for every calorie because my weight loss has been so slow so I wanted to take away the complications (for now) of weekly points allowances and free veggies and fruit. Don't get me wrong, I love weight watchers, I just need to shake things up a bit.

So now my food choices and my actual exercise is out there for her to see. No hiding. It is the last piece of myself that I have put out in the open in the effort to lose weight.

Obviously I need this and while it scares me to be a) that accountable and b) that vulnerable, I am at a point right now that I need to either go all in or give up - and giving up is not an option.


  1. I have Loseit! on my iPhone and it's a free app. It's a great reference tool too. It's great your sister is helping you out!

    Have a great weekend and I hope this new tactic helps you

  2. I lost 25 lbs over 9 months on WW. Been trying lose it for 2 weeks- lost 1 pound and I love it! Seems simpler. Best of luck. I'm on the journey too!