Sunday, April 17, 2011

I did it

Today was a major challenge for me today because we decided that since the rain and snow (yes snow in April) was not going to stop, we would take the kids to the movies.

So far, no matter how well I have done on my weight loss journey I have not been able to resist movie theatre popcorn. I have written entire blog entries on the rationale behind my decision to eat this treat.

Today the decision was made even harder by my effort at the gym this morning. My high calorie burn at kick boxing class made eating the high fat treat possible while still remaining within my calories.

The problem, I didn't work out that hard for an hour and half just to undo it by eating popcorn.

So the dilemma - popcorn or no popcorn.

We usually buy our movie passes at costco because they come with 2 drinks and a popcorn. I knew if we did this there was no way that I was going to be able to turn down the buttery goodness. So we only purchased the kids passes at costco and bought ours at the theatre.

The next challenge, try to go through the movie with nothing to eat or try to find an ok alternative.

My research shows that a medium movie theatre popcorn has approximately 720 calories and countless grams of fat. This was just not a number that I could justify today.

The solution - bring my own.

Now I know that this is not allowed, but my guilt was reduced for two reasons.
1. It was not because I did not want to pay for the snack, but that what I could eat was not offered
2. We purchased both my children popcorn combos so the concession stand still got a considerable amount of money for me.

The outcome. I got to eat popcorn throughout the movie without the guilt of burning through 40% of my calories for the day. My popcorn (and there was alot of it) 280 calories.


  1. I can't watch a movie without popcorn so I've been tempted to smuggle too! Why they over-salt movie popcorn is beyond me. I ate it last night watching Source Code and I'm bloated today.....

  2. Isn't that what purses are for? I think it is a great idea to smuggle in some popcorn! It isn't like you were selling to the other movie goers ;)

    - Ethel

  3. Haha I'm all about bringing my own food. I actually don't like eating popcorn in the movie though, because then I drink because it's so salty (from the water bottle I've also smuggled in) and then I have to pee...and then I miss things.

    I usually bring trail mix or something like that.

  4. I don't have any problem going a few hours without eating or drinking. :)

  5. I am also a movie smuggler.. I often bring carrots and hummus or fresh fruit :) I figure if the theater does not offer a healthy alternative then too bad I am bringing my own...

    Great job Dawn... it will show on the scale :)

  6. Susie1955 - its not the going for a few hours without eating that is the problem.

    The challenge is that is a habit that I have to break and an activity that I enjoyed. I'm not sure if maybe you were joking, but we do try to be postive.

    Shrinking Mommy

  7. You're right........if it is a habit that can be a hard one. I have only been to the movies very few times so when I go it isn't an issue.
    Hope you figure out a way to replace it with something different. At home my husband likes the 100 calorie bag.