Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I love compliments. I think that they are one of the most significant motivators for me.  The problem is that for the last month I haven't felt like I have deserved those compliments. The first reason is because the scale has not been moving and also because I know that there have been many days during the last month that I just haven't been motivated especially when it comes to my diet.

People though have consitently been telling me that I look better and look smaller so while I don't completely buy into the concept of the scale not moving because I am gaining muscle I have accepted at this point that my body has continued to change ( a bit) during the last month even if the scale has not reflected it.

I am going into my weigh in tomorrow having missed 2 (I was away) and feeling strong. I feel confident in my work outs and feel a renewed sense of energy with my diet.

So no more minimizing any compliments that come my way. I had one today from a male coworker and I point that out because guys don't usually notice this stuff. Compliments are part of what fuels me and rather on dwelling on why I don't deserve them on any particular day I need to learn to say thank you and move on.

Today I feel good. I knew I would be working later and therefore would not get to the gym. Last week this meant no gym, not today. Today I worked out at the gym at work at lunch and even at the end of the day where I had a gap a time I returned to the gym to do more cardio and work on my abs. I'm sore, but it feels really good.

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  1. I'm still learning to accept compliments but it's easy to brush compliments off and hang on to NEGATIVE remarks.

    good luck this month!