Thursday, April 7, 2011


I know that this is a very odd post title, but I do have a purpose.

My thoughts turned to hamburgers yesterday when my husband sent me a text message stating that my son wanted them for dinner. I worked late yesterday so I didn't give it much thought since I wasn't going to be eating with them anyways.

This morning I was listening to the radio on the way to work when they started to talk about hot dogs. I don't know why, but my mouth was salivating for hot dogs at 8:00am. After work tonight we were at the grocery store and I was told that since hamburgers were not on the menu last night they continued to be requested. My response, sure, why not.

The deal was though that if we were having hamburgers they were going to be good hamburgers so I put back the 4oz lean burgers in favor of the 6oz Sirloin. Trust me you don't want to know the fat content and the calories. I am only glad that we bbq them instead of frying them which I am convincing myself helped a bit.

So after consuming this 6oz hamburger I figured that I should waste no time going to the gym. Not only did I need to do my regular work out, I needed to burn off a hamburger.

A friend asked me yesterday if I had ever felt sick to my stomach while or after working out. My answer yesterday was no, today however I have a different answer.

Number 1 I'm sure I ate too quickly
Number 2 I'm sure I worked out too soon after eating
Number 3 my body is definitely not used to consuming that type of food anymore.

On the way home from the gym (after a 90 minute work 0ut) the light bulb went out. I didn't need to eat a whole burger. I split one in half for the kids, I could have easily done the same thing for myself and added a salad.

Sometimes I guess we have to learn the hard way. I can tell you that the other half of the burgers will probably be staying the freezer for a while.

Good news of the day my weigh in was good - down 1.2lbs - enough to cover the bit that I gained during my plateau as well a new loss.

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  1. I've also had a bad experience exercising too soon after eating also. I learned to space it out :)

    Congrats on the great weigh-in!