Monday, April 11, 2011

Its a New Week

As much as I find the process of getting back on routine on a Monday hard I also welcome the familiarity of the structure of the week.

I have found that Mondays are often my best day when it comes to follow through. I am often motivated on Monday either because I have more energy or because I want to make up for a bad weekend.

I've taken advantage of this by scheduling my most difficult work out on Monday evenings. I find that this helps me set the tone for the coming week.

Last week I successfully managed all challenges and was able to work out Mon-Sat straight. I took Sunday off as a recovery day, but by last night I hurt more than if I had actually worked out. I guess my muscles realized that I took the day off and were punishing me.

I did not get off to a great start this morning as I skipped breakfast. Not by choice, but just a series of events. I did not let that distract me from eating a healthy lunch.

I really let me self go off program this weekend. I didn't eat a lot of stuff really bad for me, but I really didn't pay attention either. Last night my body made me painfully aware of this decision with both a stomach ache and a headache. I'm actually glad that this happened becuase it made me acknowledge the decision and deal with the consequences.

I was at the mall this weekend and actually felt good because while my pant size has not changed yet my top size is now an XL instead of a plus size. That meant that I could actually go into most stores in the mall with the intention of shopping in them.

I can't wait until I can try on both tops and bottoms.


  1. sometimes life does get hectic but like you, I love structure and schedule :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Routine and commitment are key! Keep up the good work!