Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dinner - Part 2

NO this not an actual AFTER photo.

On Friday my blog was titled Easter Dinner - Part 1. This blog talked about my plans for the 2 Easter Dinners that would occur during my weekend.

Tonight's blog is about the results of that plan.

My current plan is for a 2lb a week weight loss before exercise so basically 1000 calories are removed each day to achieve this result.

First of all I tracked everything that I ate, absolutely everything including the small foil chocolate eggs that I ate. Did you know each of those has 33 calories in them?

The Results:

Saturday - I stayed true to my plan. I brought my own side dishes for the turkey dinner, I weighed my turkey and I drank only the wine that I had planned for.

What needed improvement, I did not account for any snacks so I did eat 150 calories in chocolate and had some low calorie chip type snacks, but I also walked (leisurely) for about 20 minutes.

The end result - I went 232 calories over the plan.

Sunday - Sunday proved to be a bit harder. Breakfast went exactly as planned with the turkey bacon that I brought from home and my Weight Watchers toast.

Lunch was planned to be on the road. I assumed we would stop at Subway, but my husband said he was sick of it. I know that I could have asked him to stop for me, but I didn't and ended up eating pizza pizza with them. I did come home and looked up my calories. My lunch ended up being 480 instead of the original 300 I had planned.

Dinner - By this time I had eaten a couple of foil chocolates and I was starting to feel like I should give myself the day off. When I arrived at my sister in laws I actually left my food in the car. I tried hard to ignore the cheese and cracker tray, but I ended up eating some goat cheese and crackers. I did ask for the box so I could see the calories for tracking purposes.

After eating the goat cheese I decided that I better bring in my potatoes and stuffing rather than trusting myself.

I still weighed my meat and did my best to duplicate yesterdays success. I did end up swapping some ham instead of turkey and couldn't resist just 1/4 cup of candied yams. 

I passed on the amazing looking chocolate cupcakes, but did come home and look up absolutely everything and tracked it all.

The end result - 472 calories over budget

So what does this mean. It means that while I did struggle to remain within my plan to lose 2lbs a week over the weekend I did keep my calories in check with a weight loss plan.

Saturday I remained on track to lose 1 1/2 lbs a week
Sunday I remained on track to lose 1lb a week.
Also even after my weekend I remain over 2000 calories under for the week.

I am going to call this holiday weekend a success.

Update - Despite this being my day off from exercise I was really struggling with the outcome of today. I did ride my bike for 10 minutes burning about 86 calories, but was about to fall asleep on the bike so I had to stop after that.

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  1. I think it's great you managed to track even during the holidays AND on the road. Good for you!

    Have a wonderful new week!