Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I feel that I am often setting myself up for failure in the sense that every week after I get off the scale I vow to have a perfect week and with weight loss. Then I don't have a perfect week and I ultimately struggle to stay on track.

I was at a Weight Watchers meeting on Monday and the leader was talking about a member from a different meeting. This woman has lost 108lbs. The leader said that every week this woman's goal was to maintain the weight loss from the week before.

The brillance of it was that she was not putting any pressure on herself and obviously it worked because she went on to loose over 100lbs.

Now this line of thinking is similar to my blog about loosing 0.2lbs a week, but the difference is that for me that was a worst case scenerio not something to strive for.

I wonder if I am doing myself a disservice trying to aim for such big weight lossing because I ultimately set myself up that if I do anything less than that big number I have failed.

I think that there are other elements at play in the sense that if I was was consistently able to make good choices and focus on being a healthy weight I would have a weight problem to start with.

I am thinking the what if I went into next week with a plan that rather than saying I am going to eat only the healthiest foods possible and I am not going to eat any of my extra points and I am going to be perfect, I say - I am going to follow my plan, eat all the points allotted to me and maintain my loss from the week before. I don't actually know what that would look like because I don't think I have ever done it.

So this is my plan for next week. No unrealistic goals, no plans for 5-7lbs losses, just a focus on following the program and seeing what happens.

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