Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Quarter

Tomorrow is April 1 and then end of this first quarter of this year. During the last 3 months I have definitely had ups and downs. The first month was a quick start out of the gate, month 2 was trying to figure things out and Month 3 has been a bit of a stall.

So looking back on the last 3 months I want to take a critical look on what I have learned and the areas where I continue to struggle.

1. I have found that I do like working out and want to keep up my spin class and weight training
2. I still have trouble controlling what I eat especially when I am in my car at work and at night.
3. I need to have the right foods in my house to help me make the right choices
4. I enjoy positive feedback and it helps to drive my motivation
5. My stalled weight loss is very frustrating and can make it hard day to day when I don't see results.
6. I have high expectations about what I should be able to accomplish and get frustrated when I fail to live up to those expectations.
7. Eating a bag of chips, even baked chips is not an appropriate snack choices.
8. Weekends are hard and being busy is hard
9. I continue to want to be on this journey and to have success
10. I'm going to continue to try.


  1. 9+10 are exactly the attitude you need! It's progress not perfection for longterm success! I feel like I could have written some of those on your list. I think it's great you are addressing and reflecting on what happened this month and seeing what can be improved on!

    We've all had episodes of being not as on plan as we would like but the important thing is not to continue down that path before it spirals out of control!

    Hope your April is AMAZING!

  2. Don't stop. Pray for strength and wisdom with eating and fitness. God has helped me to lose over 170 pounds and HE wants to help you! Many Blessings.