Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Monday so why am I already panicked about next week

Today like every other Monday I got up and got ready for week. I started to think about the week to come. About mid way through the morning I realized that this is my last week of work before my first week off of 2011.

First came initial excitement about the time off and that was followed by stress about the work ahead of me to get ready for vacation. Then the panic set in. The panic was brought on by the realization that I was going to be away from work and therefore away from my routine for 10 days (including weekends). I then return to work for 2 days and then I am off again for another 3 work days. The panic came from my recent experiences with weekends and I realized that if I can fall off track over a 2 day period, what is going to happen in 10 days.

Now in theory being home for 10 days should be the perfect situation for weight loss. No work stress, no rushing in the mornings, all the time in the world to plan my meals. In reality my time off never works this way. My daughter will start each morning with the comment "what are we going to do today" The answer staying home does not fit with her expectations and so off we go to a variety of activities including, but not limited to: movies, library, book store, out for lunch etc.

Unfortunately those activities do not always lead to the friendliest of eating situations. My panic settled by mid day when I realized that like everything else in my weight loss journey, what I need is a plan.

So at some point this week I am going to plan out my week of activities as well as the plan for my meals while out on the town with my little girl. I am hoping that this will help to keep me on track. I have decided to travel into work for my WW weigh in just to keep me accountable and I also plan to stick to my extra WW meeting on Monday night.

I will keep you updated about how I do, but I have to get through this week first.

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  1. you should plan in coming to Burlington to workout with me :)