Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something New

For the last month or so I have done everything in my power to avoid the image above. It started with a harmless email from my sister (my very fit athletic sister) telling me that she was going to be leading a spin class every week on Monday nights. Well that's easy enough to avoid I told myself as my daughter has an activity Monday nights and thank goodness my sister lives 40 minutes away.

The invitations kept coming and my excuses ran out when I mentioned that I was off of work for the March break. All of a sudden all of my well thought out excuses of why I couldn't go to spin class were gone. I was left with an option. I could either a) go or b) admit to myself and her all the real reasons why I didn't want to go. These reasons included, but were not limited to - fear. Fear really covers everything. Fear of not being able to keep up, fear of being embarrassed, fear that it would hurt too much, fear that I would look stupid. Who wants to be the one person in a group of really fit people struggling to keep up.

I have to give my sister some credit. She was very welcoming and showed everything with optional modifications.

The result - while I did not master the pyramid, I did spin the entire time and even stood up on occasion. At the end my bottom was sore, but I was also proud. Following spin class was a round of ab work and during those exercises I was proud that I could do many of the advanced moves.

Its funny looking at it now: My goal is to loose weight and get fit and the one person who I have avoided like the plague is the person most in a position to help me reach my goals. Interesting, isn't it.

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  1. see I'm not that scary!!

    You did great last night! Spinning is not easy but it is a great calorie burn.. Any truly the more you do it the less your bottom hurts.

    Anytime you want to workout I am available :) I love helping people with there fitness goals and it means even more to me to be able to help my family.. It can be like pay back for all the essays and other homework you proof read for me over the years :)