Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well I guess something is working

I pulled out a bunch of spring/summer clothes yesterday in an effort to find out what my kids will need for the upcoming season. In with their clothes were my spring/summer clothes and amongst those items I found 2 pairs of jeans.

So the obvious question, what were jeans doing in with summer clothes, the obvious answer, they were too small. Last night I picked up one pair of the jeans. It was the same size that I have been currently wearing, but had previously worn a bit smaller so it had been put away. I pulled them on easily and went about my day. It definitely made me feel good, but I knew that they had only been a bit snug before.

This afternoon I was looking for something to wear and I picked up the other pair. When I picked them up I remembered that I really liked them and despite being a size smaller than I am currently wearing I thought, why not. Imagine my surprise when they fit.

I teased my husband later and asked him if he liked my "new" jeans. He was about to comment, but then he said, oh you mean jeans that used to be too small.

I really appreciate this victory because it has come even when the scale has not really be budging so something must be working.

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