Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I belong

The Gym can be a very intimidating place. Often there are more fit people there working out than those trying to get fit. I figure that this I because the people who buy gym memberships and actually use them are the fit people. Those who want to get fit usually buy the memberships and then sit on the couch.

I’ve always been comfortable with the cardio area of the gym even if I’m not comfortable with how I look using the equipment.

The weight part of the gym though is a much scarier place. I have ventured over to the weight machines on occasion, but I was never really sure how much weight to put on them or how many reps to do so I usually ended up going back over to the bikes and treadmills.

The third area and the scariest is the weight section of the gym. This is an area that I have avoided at all costs. The reason for this is mostly because the people in this area a) look like they are supposed to be there and b) know what they are doing.

When I met with my sister a week ago to develop my upper body routine I thought at first she was going to take me to the somewhat scary machines and tell me how much weight to do on each, that was not to be the plan. First we started on the machines where you must first put the right handle on for the exercise that you want to do. Ok I thought I can handle this.

Then we moved over the free weight area and the benches. I thought to myself you must be kidding me. I did not complain and I watched as she demonstrated the exercises.

The first time I did it on my own I was scared to death. The guys using the equipment were serious about their work outs and I was a bit worried about how they would react to me coming over and using the same equipment. Their reaction, not what I expected, they were very polite and treated me . . . as though I belonged there.

I have now done this routine on my own 3 times and I’m getting more and more comfortable.

Next up, lower body.

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