Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time to Get out the Cups

I feel as though I have been slacking over the last couple of weeks. I have not been paying close attention to what I eat on the weekends and during the week I make an effort, but I have been eyeballing portion sizes and expecting that my exercise will balance any over eating that I have done.

The results, not great. I have been hovering around the same weight now for a few weeks. Normally when I hit a stall I see it as evidence that I am not capable of weight loss and I subsequently quit and start eating.

That is not the plan this time around.
So what is the plan? It's time to get serious and to act like I started doing this yesterday and need to follow everything to the letter because lets face it, I do.

So as I was preparing breakfast this morning out came the measuring cups and spoons. Everything that went into my mouth first went into the cup (unless it was pre portioned like my yogurt).

I even measuring the milk that went in my coffee. 4 tbsp to be exact.
What came next, I wrote it all down.

I can't claim that this is not working for me if I'm not actually making an effort to follow the program. So for the next week everything gets weighed (I should probably find my food scale), or measured and then it gets written down. No more guessing how much I have eaten or trying to figure out if there is room for a night time snack. 

I don't guess the other important things in my life. I don't guess how much money is in the bank, I don't guess what time I have to pick my kids so what makes me think that I can guess at something as hard as weight loss.

Well the answer to that lies in many of my previous blogs - Its a mind game and instead of trying to win, I'm not going to play anymore.

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