Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long Weekend

I've written before about how tough weekends can be. 2 days away from your predictable schedule as well as looks of challenges that you don't see Monday - Friday such as family events, eating out and activities that take you away from the security of work and home.

Long weekends are that and so much more because a long weekend typically signifies a holiday. Holidays mean family gatherings and usually food.

I actually like Family day because so far it not been associated with eating. What other holiday can boast that? Now you might think that Cananda Day and Labour Day and Victoria Day do not signify food, but I want you to think back to what you have done on these holidays during the last decade. You are likely going to come up with answers like: camping, drinking, bbq. See - food is everywhere.

Family Day, however emphasizes spending time together. I also just realized that anyone who reads this blog and does not live in Ontario is probably wondering right now what the X#%^# is Family Day. Family Day is a new holiday that was created a few years ago in Ontario to provide a paid holiday during the winter. It acts much like any other holiday in that lots of people get the day off, and lots of people still have to work. Schools and stores are closed . . .  you get the idea.

So what is my plan for this long weekend which because it takes place during the middle of a Canadian Winter is likely to mean a long weekend indoors?

My plan is to not stress out, to make the best decisions I can and to fit in activity where ever I can. I do not expect the weekend to be perfect, but that does not mean that I need to make it a lost cause either. For example today I have made excellent choices for breakfast and lunch and am going to make steak for dinner. I am making it at home so that I can control how it is cooked and what I eat with it. I have bought the kids snacks for tonight and have purchased some baked potato chips for me.

So to those of you joining me for this long weekend, Happy Family Day, for those of you working (at least you don't have to stress about staying on track during the long weekend.)

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