Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whatever Keeps You Going

Today I needed some motivation. Despite having a weight loss at the scale today, the remainder of the day was a challenge. I thin that it stemmed from feeling as those I should have seen more of a loss at the scale after following my programs really well and exercising all week. The loss was .4lbs which brings my Month one total to 9.7lbs.

Since the weigh in I have been toying with the idea of forgoing points for the week and just focusing on my clean foods. There is an option with WW to forgo points and restrict the type of foods that you are eating and this closely resembles the clean eating principles.

I actually think that counting points may have caused me to eat more than I was eating previous weeks, but I can't be sure.

So in my quest for motivation I went visiting. My visit was not to a person, but to a store. I went to visit the regular size clothing. Currently and for about the last 10 years I have worn mostly plus size clothing with the occasional XL. Today I went to visit the S, M, and L clothing that had just arrived in the various spring sizes and colours. I held up some of the items to their XXL counterparts to really look at the difference. After I went to the plus size section and noticed how uniform and boring the clothing was compared to the rest of the store. Before I left I also went to visit the bathing suit section. Surprisingly this did not cause me to have an anxiety attack or become depressed, but rather gave me clarity and focus on what my goal really looks like.

This experience helped me to put my weight loss into perspective. Today was mentally and emotionally rough, I felt that I was putting more effort in than I was getting out in results. This resulted with me struggling with my food choices for the rest of the day. I made it through lunch, but did allow myself to make a not so great choice at dinner. I felt that I managed this ok as I ensured that I ate the smallest portion of the food that I chose and kept it within my points range for the day. 

I have realized that as long as I continue to travel down the road of weight loss it is ok that some weeks I might travel slower than others, but as long I as I am continuing to follow the road I will get there. It also helped me to think that it is ok if I run out of gas, need to stop and ask for directions or stop for a scenic detour (snack) as long as I get back on the road.

Ok, I am done with the metaphors for today. I am very excited, there is a new Grey's Anatomy on tonight so I am going to treat myself to a night off after a 12 hour day at work.

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