Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Other Stuff

During the  last 6 weeks I have been so focused on the scale that I have not really taken an opportunity to explore the other stuff. I'm talking about the other benefits that come along with loosing weight and eating healthy.

I have talked about the joy of putting on pants and realizing that they are too big. This happened again today, by the way, but not the other changes that I have been noticing.

I have always been someone who regularliy puts on their makeup before leaving the house, I find that when I don't my face looks red, the colour is not consistent and I am generally unhappy with the way I look. Lately I would say that I have only been putting on full makeup 50-60% of the time and many times I just put on mascara and lip gloss. I've noticed that I have a more even skin tone, less reddness and fewer blemishes. All that from eating better food, I'll take it.

Another benefit that I have been noticing is related to my energy. I actually find that I have the engergy to exercise in the evening and I'm not ready to pass out by late afternoon. I actually find that this benefit can vary even daily based on what I am eating and I do find that when I make poorer choices I don't feel as energized.

I can't tell you that I have noticed any difference with my hair b/c it has always been thick and lets be honest, most days I put it up in a bun and ignore it, but I'm sure if I took the time to blow dry it and style it, I would notice a difference there too.

Now to the most important thing. I feel good. Yes we have talked about my engergy levels and my skin, but I am actually proud of myself and even though I am far from my goal, the steps that I have taken and the positive feedback that I have received have already contributed to benefiting my self esteem. I am hoping that this benefit will help to end the cycle that has led to my weight gain and show lasting improvements in how I feel about myself.

Now to the one negative thing that I realized today. All of the clothes that are becoming too loose are my newer clothes so for the time being I am going to be stuck wearing my older clothing. The good news I only plan to wear it temporariliy which is why I am not going to buy anything new just yet.


  1. Enjoyed reading your Blog Dawn, way to go! So true, exercise/clean eating helps with so may things in addition to weight loss. I noticed my skin cleared up along with my "hot flashes!" Yes, I had hot flashes from having to much caffeine/sugar in my diet. Keep going, pretty soon you'll have to go on a major shopping spree - oh darn! ;)

  2. Love your blog Dawn! We can do this girl!