Monday, February 28, 2011

I wish I saw myself the way that others see me.

There are few things that boost your self esteem as much as unexpected compliments from the people around you. These unsolicited messages of support are sometimes exactly what I need to help me make the next good choice.

So thank you to everyone who has stopped me over the last couple of weeks to comment on how I look or on my success, please know that I took what you said to heart and it really made my day. These comments and compliments also force me to take a more critical and sometimes less judgmental evaluation of how I see myself. It is easy to be overly critical on a day when your jeans feel tight or you gave in and ate a bagel, but hearing from others that they see your progress can be just enough to get you back on track.

My weight watchers leader told us tonight to think about where we want to be on Canada Day. I started thinking what goals do I want to have achieved before July 1 (4 months away)

1. I want to loose another 20lbs (average of 5lbs a month)
2. I want to fit into my summer clothes that were too tight last year
3. I want to continue blogging 5-6 times a week

I have other goals - shop in the regular clothing section, throw out my plus size clothing, walk around proudly in a bathing suit, but I don't feel comfortable putting a timeline on these goals just yet.

My best decision today - making a almond butter and banana sandwich on 12 grain bread while the rest of the family ate frozen pizza

Decision needed the most improvement -  picking at my foster son's birthday cake when I got home from work.

Goal for tomorrow - no bagels

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  1. Hi Dawn! I saw your post on the HG website and checked out your blog because of the headline and blog name! Congrats on your success, that is truly amazing! I see that you are trying to improve your diet with clean eating and I think I have a great product for you. I hope you check out my site. Good luck with your continued success, spring is right around the corner :)