Friday, February 4, 2011

The Social butterfly

The Month of January was a very quiet month for me in the sense that following the rush of the holidays we had very few social engagements planned for the month.

This led to a nice easy entry for me into my weight loss journey because I did not have the added stress of managing social situations and food. Most of my meals have been made at home and my exposure to outside food, especially to snacks has been fairly limited.

Tonight I am going to my first social outing since starting this journey. The good news is that it is not a meal, but rather an after dinner party. The bad news is that I am sure there will be food there, you know the type of food, it is placed in trays on tables within your reach and taunts you the entire time you are sitting there challenging the commitments and promises that you made not to eat it before you left. There are usually a few veggies, but also deserts or other equally high fat options.

Do I have strategies for tonight? Of course, I always go in with a plan, I’m just not sure yet what it is going to be so whether or not my plan is successful or not is yet to be determined, but trust me there will be a plan.

I am excited about going out tonight because social outings are a part of my life and the sooner that I learn to fit them into my weight loss journey the better equipped I will be to handle them in the future. The other positive part of this is that I am a social person and I enjoy spending time with friends so having opportunities to see friends and spend time with them helps to put me in a positive frame of mind and the more positive that I feel, the better my decisions are.

The other positive element is that this is the only planned social outing I have this weekend so whatever choices that I make tonight will be limited to tonight. I will not hate myself in the morning and I will have enjoyed the time with friends. I may also find myself on the bike for the remainder of the weekend if things go really bad.

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