Saturday, February 12, 2011

Off the Wagon

Unfortunately the last 48 hours have been struggle starting with my weigh in on Thursday. I celebrated that I was down again, but it was only just over half a pound and my frustration continued about my incredibly slow weight loss, despite all of my food and activity efforts.

What followed was a slow and steady decline which has led to my blog this am. I did not write Thursday or Friday. I did not intend to stop blogging, but one thing led to another and I didn't do it. I also felt my food choices slipping though the last 2 days. 

I did not decide to wage war on my diet or on healthy eating, but I did feel that making the right choices was a bit of struggle. It felt like what's the point? The result, mostly good choices with a few that were controlled, but my best effort.

This morning I got up and my husband suggested that we take the kids to the market. This activity, while on the surface a healthy activity, ultimately led to this morning's demise. I did not eat breakfast, I was starving and walking around a market place, that while full to healthy nutritious food, was lacking in things healthy and ready to eat. What I was surrounded by were free samples of toffee, caramel popcorn, cheese and even more items for sale; cupcakes, cookies, candy. I held on to my strength purchased the items that I came for, but then another voice took over and stated the following "Let's go grab breakfast". 

I actually feel a bit sick as I write this because know what I ate was not good for me and it does make me feel good. Yes I chose whole wheat bread and ham over bacon, but I still ate eggs which were likely (definitely) cooked in grease and home fries and butter on my toast. I actually took a picture and was going to post it on my blog as part of my confession, but honestly I don't want to look at the food.

So time to crawl back up on the wagon. I don't want one greasy breakfast to be my downfall which is why the first thing I did when I got home was turn on the computer to write. I feel in some ways this blog is the equivalent to attending a 12 step meeting. Hi my name is Dawn and I made a bad choice.

What am I going to do now. I'm going to spend the day with my kids, pick up more healthy food at the grocery store and keep going because I have to.

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  1. We've all had these days, which I promise makes you stronger, smarter and more determined in the days to come and in your journey. In these moments use your support network to lift your spirits! Celebrate your successes today and remember how far you've come...success at the grocery store despite temptation, success at breakfast despite serious temptation (choosing whole wheat bread and ham are great choices) and continued success and determination in your mind and spirit despite feeling defeated in this moment! All challenges and struggles make our journey that much more gratifying! Tomorrow is a new day full of wonderful possibilities!