Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something to Celebrate

I wish that I was writing this blog telling everyone that I have something big to celebrate. This, however is not the case. Today I am writing about the importance of finding something to celebrate even during the weeks that are not so good. 

Today I went into my weigh in with realistic expectations that I would not have a big loss. It's not that it has been a particularly bad week, but let's be honest I haven't seen big losses during great weeks and this was not a great week. I could also tell when I looked in the mirror that I might be retaining a bit of water right now as I can usually see this in my mid section. What I am celebrating is that I did see a loss on the scale 0.2lbs to be exact, but nevertheless a loss.

What I am celebrating today is that my weigh in marked two full months of losses on the scale. This is an achievement that I have never had before. This actually got me thinking about my slow weight loss. I asked myself if I lost 0.2lbs a week how long would it take me to loose 100lbs? The answer is that it would take 5 weeks to loose a pound which translate to 10lbs a year and 100lbs in 10 years.

So I asked myself if every week for the next ten years I weighed less than the week before would I be happy? 

Would I be loosing weight at the speed I want, no, but would I be happy? 

The answer is that if the worst case scenario is that for the next ten years I continue to weigh less and less I can handle that. It took me about 15 years to put this weight on and if a decade is what it takes to take it off well . . .  The good news is that is worst case scenario; my small loss today is by no means a preview of the weeks to come. So my worst case scenario is something that I can live with and this is not even the most likely scenario. That is something that I can definitely live with.

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  1. A loss is a loss and it's so hard to lose weight. Your doing great.