Thursday, January 6, 2011

And the Score is: Will Power - 1 Tempting Situation - 0

So tonight presented me with my first challenge. It was my first night since eating clean where I had to work late unexpectedly.
Typically this has meant one thing - drive through. For me working late unexpectedly has been the downfall to many of a diet. What usually happens is that I get ridiculously hungry and grab whatever I can on the way home.
I am proud to say not tonight.
When I learned that it might be a late night I immediately into preparation mode. I filled my purse with clementines, bananas and Kashi granola bars. I also filled my water bottle.
I ate some of those snacks around 3:30pm so that even if I could not eat until I got home it was better than not having anything since lunch.
Luckily I did get a break for dinner. I had a friend with me who reads this blog so that made it even easier for me to stay on track when we went out to eat.
I am now home, not hungry and I feel great about seeing this hurdle head on. Take that temptation.
Today's Exercise
40 Minute Resistance training video. I can't remember the name which is kind of funny since my muscles remember ever move they did during the 40 minutes.
Today's Meals
Breakfast - Whole Wheat Whole Grain bagel with natural almond butter, honey and a cut up banana
Snack at 10:30 - Banana and Kashi Granola Bar
Lunch - Tuna on Whole Grain Bread with homemade clean tzatziki, and spinach, mini light baby bell (yes this is clean it was in the magazine), cut up red peppers, kashi granola bar
Snack at 3:30pm - Orange, Banana, Kashi Granola Bar
Dinner - Swiss Chalet - 1/4 chicken dinner white meat no skin, salad with a small amount of balsamic dressing, whole grain bun.


  1. I'm following your blog all the time. I'm trying to be good as well. I totally related to when the kid's were having ice cream the other night. I'm so good during the day at work but I'm awful with bad snacking at home. I keep trying to think of you cutting out all the bad snacks and say I can do it too but so far I've been less sucessful. I'm planning on adding working out to my life next week. I recently purchased some Dance workout thing for Wii (i'll let you know if it's any good). take care, your doing great.