Monday, January 17, 2011


I’ve never really stopped to think how much of my time I spend prioritizing things. Do I do A or B first. If I can only do one thing which shall it be.

My weight loss journey much like the rest of my life is all about prioritizing. It is about prioritizing me first and foremost and giving myself the time and tools that I need to make this work.

My journey is also about a lot of little things that must be prioritized.

Do I work out or make tomorrow’s lunch?
Do I write my blog or do laundry?

Today I was presented with a limited amount of time this morning and I was forced to prioritize what was more important, gathering my gym clothes so that I could work out at lunch or packing my lunch.

Even though I have been successful in purchasing a clean lunch I decided that the priority for me is making sure that I have my clean lunch with me because it will keep me from being stressed about what I am going to eat all day. While it has been great for me to work out eat day at lunch because a) it increases my chances of making this a regular habit and b) I don’t have to worry about exercising if I do it at lunch, I do realize that the priority is my eating.

I think that this was an interesting exercise in how I make decisions everyday without as much as a thought as to the process that occurs to make them. I think that this may be a key part of my journey. If I slow down my thought process regarding every day decisions I can start to examine how I make these decisions and evaluate whether or not they are good.

Now all I need to figure out is how to increase my avail time so that I can do everything and I won’t have to prioritize.

Today’s Exercise
Video at Home
Today’s Meals
Breakfast – oatmeal with ground flax seed, almonds, honey and blueberries (I think I need to get more creative with breakfast)
Lunch – Eat clean egg salad sandwich
Dinner – Left over baked pasta (I made so much we are still eating it)

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  1. Great job Dawn. I had a VERY bad eating day today. I was unprepared and ended up having a sandwich, coffee and cookie from Starbucks....I don't even want to think how many calories were in just the cookie alone. Being prepared is half the battle. I also agree with your older post about the weekdays being easier then the weekends. I find the same to be true. Take care and have a good clean eating week :)