Friday, January 7, 2011

Recipe for Disaster

 Today was one of those days that I felt was doomed from the start. It started out with an early morning appointment which meant that I rushed around this morning (because getting up earlier would have just been too easy) and ended up leaving with no breakfast and no lunch. 
So it is 7:30am and I am in the car with a 9 hour day a head of me and no food. All of a sudden last night’s challenge feels like the easiest thing on the planet.
My plan - take a deep breath and use the hour long drive to come up with a plan.

The first hurdle breakfast. I did manage to grab a coffee before leaving the house, but there was no wear that I could not eat and still manage to avoid temptation. On top of I know that when trying to loose weight skipping meals is never a good idea. Luckily for me I had crammed my purse full of clean food in preparation for working late last night and there were still a number of things left in there.
Breakfast became a Kashi Granola Bar and a Banana. 
The next hurdle was lunch. I felt that this could be easily remedied with a salad from Subway, but I had managed to grab work out clothes before leaving the house and I really wanted to get to the gym at lunch. So I needed to find something that I could grab quickly now and then eat at lunch. 
A quick stop to Wal-Mart solved this dilemma. I picked up a package of 12 grain bread as well as all natural peanut butter. Back at work I combined this with some honey and banana and lunch was made. I added some oranges from my desk to the meal.
I did manage my mid day work out. Upon my request we did not repeat the video from yesterday. I was happy to hear that even the fit people who did yesterday’s work out were very sore which made me feel 100% about my entire body being in pain. We settled on a Jillian Michael’s video that focused on fat burning.
At this time I am feeling pretty good having managed all the challenges that came my way.
I sent a text to my husband to find out if he was interested in going to Costco tonight. His response was to mention one of our favourite restaurants that we would visit whenever we shopped in the area. - Lonestar Texas Grill. Our favourite, fajitas and nacho chips with cheese.
I immediately responded to his comment reminding him that this was not a clean choice and that it was mean to even suggest it.
The compromise, homemade fajitas at home

This is a treat I purchased for me to have. I'm not sure if it is good or not. I will let you know. It is sweetened with cane sugar and appears to be fairly clean so I will give it a try.


  1. Im my defence, I wasn't suggesting that we go to Texas lonestar. I meant the kids would bring it up if we went to costco and pass right by the place. Ive been clean all day too! :) Scott

  2. Good for you! I didn't know you had started a blog! I will keep following...