Monday, January 31, 2011

2 678 400 Seconds later

Today marks the completion of the first month of the Incredible Shrinking Mommy. 31 days or 777 hours, or 44 640 minutes or 2 678 400 seconds.

As I look back at the last 31 days I feel one emotion, pride. I am proud of myself for sticking to my plan, I'm proud of how I have managed temptation, I am proud of how I have managed challenges and I am even proud of when I have gave into temptation because I did it with control and I did it while in control.

I have made a commitment to eating healthy and I am supplementing that commitment by following the WW Points Plus plan. I am committed to moving my body and while weeks have been better than others I have not gone a week without exercise.

I have seen consistent weight loss on the scale and I have not let that scale determine my success on this diet. There have been days when I have been excited and days when I have felt increasing frustration, but there have not been days when I have felt like giving up. I have also achieved another goal in that I have not weighed myself in 72 hours. I am hoping that I have kicked the habit of the daily weigh in, but if I slip up I know it will be ok.

I love everything about this process. I love how I feel when I know I have had a good food day and when I have worked hard during a workout. I especially love hearing that I have inspired others and that people enjoy coming to this blog day after day to read what I have to write.

Today was the start of our fitness challenge which is a new challenge for me. Today was an excellent start. I have worked out a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes and I have plans to do another 50 minutes on the bike. I find myself prioritizing my day around getting in a healthy lunch and working out at the gym.

I bring my lunch far more than I eat out and when I eat out I make healthy informed choices.

I am 9 days back into giving up diet coke I don't find myself craving the foods that I used to.

The month has been life changing. Thank you to everyone who has followed this month with me, The Year of the Shrinking Mommy is here to stay.


  1. Great job dawn! Keep up the great work! You have inspired many of us! Thanks!

  2. Glad the Year of the Shrinking Mommy is here to stay :)