Friday, January 28, 2011

Damn those Golden Arches

I sent my husband this as a text earlier today. His response "There of all places". I guess we all know how much faith he has in me. I replied to him and explained that no I did not eat there, but that it was the title of today's blog. He quickly apologized.

I was out of the office today at lunch time running an errand when I found myself in Walmart very very hungry. I knew that I would be getting hungry b/c breakfast was smaller than it should have been and I did not stop for a snack. I actually chose to leave the office to avoid the cake that was about to be served in my department.

So there I am in Walmart with my tummy rumbling and I look over and see the conveniently situations McDonalds only 30 feet from where I stood.

I will be honest, I quickly started to run through various rationalizations and points calculations trying to figure out how I could get away with eating there. I also need to clarify that this was a Walmart McDonalds where they do not serve Grilled Chicken or salads or anything that is remotely healthy or clean. I then took a moment to think about how I would feel if I ate there. Lets face it for the first 3 mintues I would feel really good as instant gratification took over and I ate the salty fries, but I forced myself to look past those 3 minutes and to think about how I would feel 5, 7, 15 minutes later and the how I would feel tonight and at next weeks weigh in. It was in that quick glance into the future I realized that there was nothing on that menu that would enough to make me want to go through those feelings.

I left Walmart still hungry with the task of now having to find something healthy to eat before my willpower took an all time low and forced me to drive to the other McDonalds located conveniently right across the street.

My will power prevailed and I stopped at the Swiss Chalet drive through for chicken and a salad. This was all good until I started to look up the nutritional information and learned that my Balsamic dressing had 22grams a fat. Unfortunately it was already on my salad. Now I know that I paid money for the salad, but no amount of money was going to make me eat 22 grams of fat in a salad. The chicken, however was delicious.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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