Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Morning After

I had a one night stand . . .  with food.
I thought that I knew what I was getting into. I had made the decision that last night was going to be about pleasure (from food). I planned, I researched nutritional information, I budgeted, but what I did not anticipate how I would feel the next morning.

It all started with a movie. A simple movie, however watching a movie for me is both a social experience and a behavioral activity. I am a creature of habit and as I discussed yesterday this habit included popcorn and diet coke.

So movie night arrived and I felt prepared. I had budgeted my points to allow me to eat a small popcorn with butter. I'm not going to tell you how many points b/c it is a little embarrassing, (you can google movie popcorn nutritional information for yourself) but I was proud of myself.

I did exactly what I had planned to do which were to choose foods that I know are not long term relationship material and who only wanted to give me immediate gratification. The problem was that I had built this up in my mind to be far more than the experience was.

After 21 days of no pop (with the exception of two glasses) it tasted much sweeter than I remembered and I did not like the flavour in any way that resembled how I used to crave it.

The popcorn tasted good, I did not finish the small container which is a change from eating large size popcorn's on my own.

At the end of the night I still felt satisfied with my choices even if the fantasy had been more than reality. It was not until a bit later when the feelings of instant gratification wore off that I saw my one night stand in the harsh light of "The Morning After". No longer did it appear seem as appealing as the night before. The sweet taste of the diet coke had left an after taste in my mouth and the buttery popcorn felt heavy and thick. I don't think that I regret this decision because I think this experience has helped me to focus on the characteristics of foods that I want to build a relationship with, foods I actually want to see the next morning.

So does that mean no more one night stands for me, I don't know. I'm not sure what I am going to do the next time bad for me food calls my name, but I can say for sure that I will definitely remember how I felt the morning after.

Some photo's from yesterday
Lunch was pasta with vegetables, Dinner was chicken with red pepper sauce, quinoa and roasted red peppers.


  1. It sounds like a revelation to me. Now you know what your body wants and not your mind. I think that's amazing! Congrats!

    The pictures of your meals look so good....where do you get your recipes?

    Thanks for writing this blog. It's an inspiration for me.

  2. Most of the meals I make up as I go along.
    The ingredients and measurements (where there are some) are listed on the facebook page with the photos

  3. Hello,

    I followed you over from the Dis boards. I too am following WW and trying to lose weight. My goal is the princess half marathon is 2012!

    Check out my blog about training for it. Its packed with health and fitness tips, tricks and reviews!