Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Return to the Gym

Today marks my return to the gym. I actually really like the gym, but the challenge is that there are only so many hours that I am awake during the day and so the daily internal battle goes something like this.
Hmm I should go to the gym
Maybe I shouldn't I have piles of laundry to do.
I shouldn't go when the kids are up they only see me for a few hours as it is.
Ok so I will do the laundry and go to the gym after the kids go to bed.
3 hours later
I am so tired, should have gone to the gym earlier.
There is no way I can go now, I will definitely go tomorrow.
The solution I have found to this problem is to not to plan to go to the "Gym" as an abstract concept, but rather to plan to go to the gym for a specific activity. Group classes are great because you have to go when they are running. 
Tonight therefore marks my return to the gym. My first class - Zumba at 7:30pm. The question now is whether I will make it through the hour or pass out somewhere in the back. Maybe I've finally realized why the turn out the lights during this class.

OK now for today's meals.
I just want to clarify that I have only been posting my 3 main meals. Through out the day I usually have a few snacks such as: fruit, nuts, kashi granola bar. I also drink water and green tea through out the day and one cup of coffee in the am (no sugar, only honey)

I would also like to say that my husband saved me today b/c I was running late and he had my clean breakfast and lunch ready to go for me.
Breakfast - 12 Grain Bagel, egg, yogurt cheese, slice of Ham 
This ham is nitrate and preservative free and is low fat so I consider it clean.
Lunch - Ham sandwich with yogurt cheese on 12 grain bread, carrots, banana, clean snacks
Dinner - Perch with brown rice and broccoli with home made clean tzatziki.- see photo below

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