Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am absolutely amazed by the power that our thoughts can have over our mood and our outlook. I have read about positive self talk and about how negative thoughts can impact on our motivation and success with any goal.
This morning I had a first hand experience of how direct these concepts are linked.
I have written before about my fickle and obsessive relationship with the scale. Due to the success I have been experiencing I have continued to weigh myself on a daily because each day the scale has continued to move in the right direction.
This morning however, was the end to this streak. The scale moved, but not in the right direction. The immediate impact that this experience had on my mood and motivation for the day was overwhelming.
Slowly my sense of rational thought kicked in as with the help of my husband I realized and remembered a few things. 
- I weighed myself a few hours later than I usually do
- Weighing myself daily is not a good thing because my weight can go up and down, but the important thing is what my weekly weigh in say.
- Last night I treated myself to a snack later than I usually eat. The snack was clean (organic popcorn), but never the less it was food in my stomach that isn’t usually there at that time of night.
- My water and herbal tea intake was less last night than it usually was.
So why even though intellectually my brain knows all of the above information am I still having such a bad day? What I will not do is let this distract me from having a positive and clean day. It will take a bit more effort to get motivated, but it’s the only way that I am going to see a better result tomorrow. 
Actually my husband plans to hide the scale so I’m not actually sure I will be able to weigh myself tomorrow.
Today’s Meals
Breakfast - Whole wheat English Muffin with poached egg and goat cheese
Lunch - left over stir fry from last night’s dinner
Dinner - Baked macaroni with steamed lean ground beef and tomato veggie sauce


  1. Don't get discouraged!!!! Anything can make a scale wonky for a day or two. Go with the weekly weigh ins and go go go!!!!

  2. I started this journey back in March 2010. I am a daily weigher. Sometimes it bites, but the good days outweigh the bad days. Over the months I see a pattern of what my body does. I also make mental note of how much water I had the day before, what I ate and what types of foods I ate.

    Some people just can't weigh daily. But for people like myself, it is extremely important to weigh each day and at approximatly the same time. I can't tell by how my clothes fit or how I am feeling.

    Good luck! Don't be discouraged.