Thursday, January 13, 2011

You have to love it

I have always known that exercise is an equal part of any diet or healthy life style. The challenge as always is making exercise a reality. This process includes the psychological component of convincing yourself to exercise, the time management component of figuring out when to exercise and the physical component of actually getting your body to exercise.

I think that my down fall in the past is been in all of the above 3 areas. So naturally I have been very interested in trying to find a way to ensure that exercise becomes a permanent part of my life. Last night I spent some time with my sister. My sister, who I joke regularly must be adopted, is my absolute role model when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous either. Last night we were talking about my current exercise routine. I mentioned that I have never minded exercising. Her response to me was so simple, but so profound at the same time. She looked at me and said "you have to love it".

That's it, those 5 little words have completely unraveled the mystery of exercise. I don't have convince myself to do something I love, I don't have to find to do something I love either, it becomes a priority and I make it happen. I never have difficulty finding time to get together with friends or go on vacation.

So now the million dollar question. What kind of exercise do I love. What activity will make me jump up out of bed in the morning excited to get started? Well I can tell what the answer is not - running. Other than that I think I'm stuck. 

So my goal now is to experiment with various types of activity until I find the one I love.
I started today with two new exercise videos. The first a dance inspired strength training video and the second a strength/cardio video. In all a 2 hour work out.

Did I like them, yes. Did I love them, not sure, but just because it was not love as first sight does not mean my relationship with exercise can't turn into a lasting serious relationship.

Today's meals
Breakfast - Half a 12 grain bagel with egg
Snack - nut and grain granola bar
Lunch - Grilled chicken break on whole wheat bun. Granola bar
Dinner (see photo) - chicken with goat cheese and red peppers and red pepper sauce, Quinoa and mixed greens.


  1. ps- you are gorgeous too Dawn don't sell yourself short :)

    I would love this recipe :)

  2. I agree with Supermom.. You are Gorgeous and I have always looked up to you!! As I said the other night you are going to be stealing my clothes in no time... Love you and keep up the good work..

  3. Loving your outlook on exercise. That dinner looks/sounds sooooo yummy! jealous. A recipe or just a link would be lovely : )

  4. Teaganav
    all of the ingredients for the meals are posted with the pictures on I don't have measurements b/c I created as I went.