Friday, January 21, 2011

Striving for Balance

Today celebrates the completion of my 3rd week of clean eating. I do feel that this is a total lifestyle change for me and even though I may indulge in the occasional treat (ie. baked chips and diet coke) these truly are occasional treats and not indicative of my eating patterns. Wow, what a change from a month ago when regular snacks included kettle cooked chips and meals on the go were not brought from home, but rather picked up at the drive through. Yes that is right I did not even walk into the restaurant to pick up my fried fast food.

I am still striving for balance in the marriage of WW and Clean Eating, but I truly feel that this is a must for me while I want to make big gains in my weight loss. I do believe that when I get to goal I may be comfortable enough with portions and daily food intake to shift my focus back to clean eating, but that is a while away so for now I am going with both.

Yesterday I was able to manage my points perfectly while making 98% clean choices. Yes there was a diet coke, but really can you blame me after the week I've had, but all of my food is clean.

I'm surprised now that it feels second nature to go to Subway and order a 6 inch chicken breast sub on wheat bread with no cheese, lots of veggies and mustard or another no fat sauce. Big change from a pizza sub, or ham and cheese with mayo. Funny thing is, the sub is just as good, probably better.

My challenge now will be spreading out my food intake through out the day. I have finished dinner and I now have no points left. (I really need to cut cream and honey out of my coffee, 5 points is not worth it). So my options for the evening are to:
a) Eat a snack later and take the points from my weekly bank
b) Eat only fruits/veggies and tea for the rest of the evening.

I am planning to go to option a) for two reasons
1. In order to maximize my weight loss I am trying to not touch my weekly points. Which will be a challenge since there are 49 of them that I could be using
2. Before I started the WW part I typically would only eat fruits, veggies and tea tonight so I really don't need to deviate.

So, what's the problem? This is where the mind games come into play.
Now b/c my points balance tells me I can't have anything else and because those 49 points are staring at me on the screen saying eat me, it will be a battle of will power and mental strength to avoid consuming more points tonight. I know I don't need them and that I have no point options such as the box of clementines that any other day would satisfy me any other day, but I am very stubborn and when someone or something tells me I can have something I of course want it even more especially since I bought an expensive bag of baked Kettle cooked chips.

Stayed tuned tomorrow to see who will be victorious.

Return of the Photos
Here is a shot of tonights dinner, English Muffin Pizza and veggies with shrimp


  1. You can do it Dawn! I find that TV at night when I am tired and have a crap day/week, is my enemy! However, if I make tea, read a good book and put on some music, I can get away with no snacking for the night!


  2. The chips won. Probably in part b/c Scott is going to a movie and I was craving movie popcorn.

    On the plus side they were baked and have been accounted for with my points.