Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ok so now I'm scared.

When I first made the decision to start eating clean I was worried about my ability to follow through with this plan. I mean lets be serious, I have tried this and other failed weight loss attempts before. I was prepared to try anyways because I thought to myself, no one knows, what’s the worst that could happen.

As January 1 (Day 1 of my plan) came closer I decided that I needed to create some level of accountability for myself so I announced my attentions to the world (my world) via Facebook. A slightly scary idea as now friends and family knew my plan and ultimately would know if I was successful or if I failed.

Then a friend suggested that I post my efforts and my food log so interested parties could follow along. My immediate reaction, absolute fear. I was standing in the Grocery store as I read this message on my Blackberry and I felt completely paralyzed by fear. There was no way that I could expose myself this way. However as I thought I realized that this was the one thing that I had not tried before. I have always struggled with weight loss in private, the furthest I have gotten to going public was a room full of strangers at Weight Watchers. Could I possibly let the people closest to me know about my 15 year battle with food and weight loss?

My friend suggested to me that it would make me accountable. I thought about it for another minute and realized that maybe this is what I need. Maybe this is what needs to be different for me to be successful.

. . . . And so The Year of the Shrinking Mommy is born.

This blog will follow my daily efforts to eat clean and be healthy.
I will post food logs, recipes and pictures.

I will eating based on the principles taught in the Eat Clean Books and the Clean Eating Magazine. I will be incorporating those principles in to a Weight Watchers Diet plan to further my weight loss efforts.

My ultimate goal - to lose 100-125lbs, my current goal, to take one day at a time.

Food Log

2 slices 12 grain bread toasted
Almond butter

Tilapia Pan fried with olive oil. (Fish coated in whole wheat flour and flax seed)
Brown Rice
Home made Clean (tzatziki sauce)

Pork Tenderlon - baked with sea salt and spices
Garlic and Olive Oil couscous
Carrots with honey
Hummus and veggies
A photo of today's lunch