Thursday, January 20, 2011

CE and WW - Headed for Divorce or Happily Ever After

Today 20 days into my Clean Eating Diet I married the program to Weight Watchers. The decision to do this did not come lightly. I have really enjoyed the clean eating plan and feel that I am doing well, but I have never been one to follow a meal plan and I have found that by just following the Clean Eating principles and not the actual meal plans I leave myself vulnerable to eating too much or too little (as if) and I worry that this will impact my overall weight loss.

This is where WW comes in. With the points program I can still each clean food, but my points target tells me how much to eat.

Should be a match made in heaven, right?

Well unfortunately it is not quite that simple. First and foremost I am following a brand new weight watchers program so now after just getting the hang of eating clean I am now in the midst of figuring out a new point system and trying to determine if what I have been eating to date are good food choices to ensure that I stay within my points range.

The second problem is that I worry that WW will offer me a crutch to fall on when I want to stray from Clean Eating. It would be really easy to rationalize, well its not clean, but I'm within my points. While this may not interfere with my weight loss efforts, the decision to eat clean was about over all health and not just weight loss.

I do think that the WW at work program will offer me some benefit. It has a structured weekly weigh in and the group component is a great motivator. 

While I worry that WW will offer me a CE crutch I also feel that having that crutch will keep me motivated even when I stray. If I eat something non clean and stay on WW I am still doing a million times better than I was before and I will still loose weight.

WW will also make me accountable for portions and small food items that I have not been monitoring such as honey in my coffee. Which is 2 points by the way and definitely not worth it more than once a day. I knew I would find a motivation to cut sweetness out of my coffee once and for all.

So day is Day 20 of Clean Eating and Day 1 of Weight Watchers
I will probably still weigh myself on Wednesdays for the purposes of this blog (I am not giving up those 6lbs for anything) but I will also post my WW success as this will be my "official weight loss" for their purposes.

Tonight was another late night, but I managed to avoid the McDonald's Drive through even though I was purchasing it for others in the car. I stopped at Subway and I don't even flinch anymore when I order my sub with no cheese and no mayo.

I am definitely looking forward to the weekend and another round of clean grocery shopping

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  1. Hey Dawn, 1 pound in a week that you had a really bad sleep schedule is not so bad.. Remember weeks that you are on call and not getting the regular sleep your body expects can really throw off the scale. Keep up the good work!