Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Week In Review

A week ago I started a year long journey to eat clean, loose weight and be healthy. This week has been very interesting for me. I have experienced a wide range of emotions about my decision to write this blog. The first was fear, but that was quickly followed by a number of other equally strong emotions.
Happiness for knowing that I am positive changes in my life
Surprise at the number of people who are reading the blog
Pride when I receive complements on my writing, my food pictures and my recipes.
Acceptance of who I am right now and who I want to become.
This last emotion came to me earlier this week while I was at Zumba class. I was in the aerobics studio (translation: a room full of full length mirrors) and I looked at myself. For the first time in a very long time I think I saw an accurate reflection of me. A typical look in the mirror for me usually involved turning myself in a way that made me look the thinnest and rationalizing that I looked smaller than the biggest people in the room. This time I am pretty sure I saw the real me. I don’t actually know why this occurred, but I think that it is because I am so committed to this change that I don’t need to only look at the best parts of me or rationalize how I look. It was a very peaceful experience.
When I take stock of the last week I see a number of goals accomplished. I ate only clean foods this week, worked out 3 times and posted on my blog every day.

My goals for next week are: Increase exercise to 4 times next week, ensure I am eating a complex carb and protein at each meal or snack, increase water intake to 2.5L.

Today we did a clean Grocery shop. He is a preview of the foods I will be eating this week. Please ignore the mini wheats, they are for the kids and I forgot they were in the cart when I took this picture.

Today's Meals
Breakfast - Clean Blueberry Pancakes (no syrup) and a banana
Lunch - Toasted tuna with yogurt cheese and cucumber on 12 grain bread
Dinner - Salmon with dill sauce (made with yogurt cheese), baked potato topped with dill sauce and asparagus. (See picture below)


  1. Wow I'm so inspired by all of this - you're getting me to refocus on my own goals. Keep going, Dawn!
    ps. It's Bridget writing this. ;)

  2. Thank's Bridget. I know you are quite the runner and physical fitness is definitely an area that I need some work on. All the best, Dawn.

  3. Dawn, so proud of you! Way to go! That cart looks impressive! Can you put anything in your water to give it some taste and make it more "drinkable"? Lemon? Orange?

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes Lee-Anne orange, lemon and lime would all be ok to put in water. I have been doing ok drinking it plain, but I do like lemon or lime when I am at a restaurant.

    I have also been drinking decaf tea and coffee which Weight Watchers has taught me your body treats as water as long as there is no caffeine.

    My problem is when i get busy and just forget to drink.