Wednesday, January 26, 2011


For the fist time since I started this journey I am not feeling particularly motivated. Today is pretty normal, nothing major has happened, but my motivation and excitement about this process is at an all time low. I was not even excited to come home and write my blog, probably because I knew that I have to confess to my low level of motivation.

This fortunately has not stopped me from following through on things such as eating clean/ww and exercising, I have just found that it took more effort to accomplish these things. On a positive note I carelessly grabbed cream for my coffee today instead of milk and when I realized what I did I dumped it and started again rather than just drinking it, also when I realized that I had limited time to eat lunch with nothing I packed I ate my emergency food instead of driving to the nearest drive through. (My emergency food is natural peanut butter, honey and a loaf of whole grain bread. I also had a banana on hand). This is a positive sign that all is not lost.

It has been a pretty busy 3 weeks and so today's mood may just be a reflection of the impact of the last couple of weeks rather than an reflection of my commitment to my journey. I may just be hitting a motivational plateau, one can not be chipper forever.

I do wish that every day was easy and that every day my motivation would carry me through the day without a second thought, but reality is that life is not like that and that makes today as much of a learning experience as changing a behavior or success on the scale. Handling days like today without going backwards or falling off the wagon is going to be what gets me to my goal and keeps me from stopping before I get there.

Today I ate right and I exercised even though I really didn't want to do either. Today is a win. Winning today is going to be what helps put me back into a mind frame where I am going to want to do both tomorrow.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog on 3FC. It's really great to connect with other dieters!

    "Today I ate right and I exercised even though I really didn't want to do either. Today is a win."
    I love this. That's exactly the mind set you need to be successful!

    You should check out my blog if you ever have a chance. I just started so it's not perfect yet.