Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Sundays

I am starting to realize that from a weight loss perspective I much prefer the work week to weekends. I know, I know, bite my tongue, however there is something to be said for the predictable routine of Monday to Friday.

During the week I know when I am going to eat, I have predictability throughout my day and the day seems to go by very quickly. The weekend, while peaceful and relaxing brings with it boredom, laziness, sleeping in and fewer obligations. While at first glance this would appear to be a perfect weekend, the struggle comes in managing this new time and freedom without completely blowing the work that I have done.

It is much harder to stick to an eating schedule because meals can be anytime. During the week breakfast is always before work, lunch is typically after the gym and dinner is as fast I can get it on the table when we get home.

Exercise is a challenge because during the week I go to the gym during lunch and always during lunch. On the weekend I could work out anytime so motivating myself to pick a time becomes the challenge.

During the week I am too busy to even contemplate being bored, however on Saturdays and Sundays I have the freedom and time to think, what shall I do? It is much easier to fall prey to snacking just because I have the time to do it.

So as I write this another Sunday is coming to a close. My safe reliable crazy work week is just around the corner.

My goal for next week, plan more structure even if it is just scheduling time to clean the closet.

Today’s Meals
Breakfast - 12 grain toast with bananas, almond butter and honey
Lunch - left over pasta from the night prior
Dinner (see photos) avocado and tomato brushetta as an appetizer, coconut/almond chicken with salad and brown rice.

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